September Cheese Offer

Spring is nearly here!

Spring season is at our doors! Everyone in Victoria is waiting for it! And it is not the only good news. We are also launching our first cheese box!
You may have seen some change in our website. We are K-sein fromagerie, and for our first cheese box, we will show case our best sellers.
We have been open since February 2022, and we are doing things differently. We import straight from Europe (no middle man) to get you some cheese a bit different than the usual offer, and we work closely with some local cheese maker.
In this offer, you will have the pleasure to enjoy 4 cheeses that we are proud to stock.

Number one will be the Skyla from Holy Goat Farm. I don't think we need to say much about these cheese makers. They have been producing goat cheese since more than 20 years and have built a legacy.

Number two will be the Délice des Cabottes, a triple cream cheese from Burgundy, France. It is located not too far from Auxerre, well known for Chablis too. Our Delice des Cabottes is airfreight and kept for two to three weeks in before it is released.

Number three is local, made in Castlemaine by Long Paddock. We have a close relationship with the producer. Ivan Larcher is known as a cheese genius in France, Europe and everywhere in the world. His duty is to help other cheese makers make better cheese and improve their recipe. We have the privilege to stock some of his "Banksia Special Reserve", a cross breed cheese between the raclette and the Gouda. If you ever want to do a fancy raclette, we will always advise you to use this beauty. It is a bit more costly, but the quality is there, and it's made with organic cow milk.

Number four is coming straight from Cantal. We will finish with Bleu des Causses, a Roquefort style made from cow's milk and airfreight by our import program.

About the monthly cheese selection

Our monthly cheese selection is a carefully selected box of cheese with tasting notes delivered straight to your door via our refrigerated courier, available across Melbourne & selected areas of regional Victoria.

Orders for our September Cheese Selection close at 9 am Friday 8th September for delivery on Thursday 14 September. Order your cheese selection today!
Kind regards

Victor and the Team K-SEIN Fromagerie.

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