You may have seen a few changes on Harper & Blohm's website lately. You're not tripping, and Google doesn't play with your mind and emotions, as I understand most of you have supported Olivia and her team by buying cheese from her website.

We K-sein Fromagerie have been in contact with Olivia for many years. We have the same belief in artisan cheese. Unfortunately, Harper & Blohm's has to close her shop and website at the end of August 2022. This story touched us, because we have just opened our shop and will be devastated if we have to close it. We did not immediately ask Olivia about her website by respect to her.

A few months later, Olivia visited us at the market, and then we approached her to inquire about her plan for her website, and then our discussion took place.

Our vision is to continue in the same direction as Harper & Blohm's. Promoting the same type of cheese, with a few changes (as we import most of our European cheese). We will use the same refrigeration delivery service, with a few adjustments in location for pick-up and local delivery.

We would like to thank Olivia for selling us her website. She has done an amazing job, and we will not take her credit for it. We have edited all the information, but you might find a Harper and Blohm or two instead of KS Fromagerie. We apologise in advance for those little omissions, and wish Olivia the best in her future plan.

We hope you will like our cheese selection! We are also cheese importers, and are currently looking for special cheese for the monthly subscription. It will take us a bit of time, but we will be back to you soon with a new offer.

Kind regards,


Victor and K-sein Fromagerie team.