Olivia's Festive Five


We asked Harper & Blohm founder and cheesemonger extraordinaire Olivia what her ‘must-haves’ are at Christmas time. This is what she'll be taking with her when she visits her family on King Island this year.


  1. Simon Johnson Christmas Panettone
    My Christmas Day always starts with panettone and bubbles after exchanging gifts in the morning. This tradition started the first Christmas I had with my partner Ian as I had been gifted a beautiful panettone and a bottle of Champagne. I started purchasing Simon Johnson Panettone long before we started selling them at Harper & Blohm. Apart from being a beautiful quality product, I also really like collecting the boxes each year and using them to store my Christmas decorations.
  2. Ben Ranken Blanc de Blanc 2013
    Breakfast bubbles, I always start Christmas day with a glass of bubbles. This year I’m going to enjoy a glass or two of 2013 By Ben Ranken Blanc de Blanc. I was also lucky enough to get a 1995 Magnum from Ben's allocation but I think I'll save this for New Year's Eve as it might take up half my suitcase.

  3. Colston Bassett Stilton PDO – Neal’s Yard Dairy
    I'm going go out on a ledge here and say this is my favourite cheese in the whole wide world - yep, I said it!
  4. Rogue Creamery Special Reserve Blue
    My family live on King Island and eat their fair share of cheese during the year so funnily enough, I don't get asked to bring the cheese to Christmas Day - except for Dad’s request for blue cheese. I'll be bringing Stilton & Rogue Creamery Special Reserve Blue which we'll serve alongside Mum’s traditional Christmas pudding during the evening. Rogue Creamery Special Reserve Blue was named ‘Best Cheese in the World’ in 2019/20 at the annual World Cheese Awards in Bergamo Italy.

  5. Pennyweight Gold
    My partner and Harper & Blohm's chef, Ian, brought this along with a bottle of muscat for Dad the first Christmas he spent with my family and now Dad expects it every year. This year a bottle of Pennyweight Gold will also be packed to enjoy with the blues and pudding.