K-sein Fromagerie,

A fromagerie located in the heart of the South Melbourne market, which was opened in February 2022. We are a traditional fromagerie that sources, selects and aged (when necessary) the product and sells it as optimal.
We have a direct relationship with all our cheese-makers from Australia and Europe, to provide as much info on each product and control the quality.
We also import a good part of our European cheese directly to offer you a good balance between Australian and European cheese.
That's allow us to say that the European cheese supports the Australian cheese.
Let's talk about the name, we're sure you're wondering around this name!
K-SEIN is from Casein, the milk protein which comes from Caseus, cheese in Latin. Victor, who has a strong accent in English, decided to break the work like his broken English.


Hi I am Victor
Nice to meet you!
K-sein project was born many years ago, but it was never the time or location! But this idea was there in a part of my brain.
I have been in the cheese industry since 2010, it was at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder (Richmond, VIC), since now cheese has become one of my main focus.
After a few months there, I returned to Europe for personal reasons and decided to explore my country, France, for cheese. In the end, I worked for one of the leading cheesemonger called Affineur in France, "Herve Mons." I stayed there for three years to learn as much as possible.
I returned to Australia in 2014, where I had the opportunity to organize a cheese import program from scratch. I could finally buy cheese in Europe. The bonus was the storage, as I could hold and age most of my cheese as in France in a beautiful room with temperature and humidity controlled.
Then 2020 came around, and like many, I have crashed a bit, but after a few months, the K-sein project came back in my head and could not disappear. The concept was realisable, the market was good for the project and all the light was green.

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322-326 Coventry St
South Melbourne, 3205
Victoria, Australia

Email - hello@ksfromagerie.au