September Cheese Subscription Box - a cheese selection for red wines

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well. For September Cheese Subscription Box, we’ve chosen a selection of cheeses that are well-matched to red wine – and no apologies for omitting blue cheese – it just doesn’t make a good match.

Cow’s milk, Rhône-Alps region, France
Ciock al vino Rosso is a s d’Alpage is a huge mountain cheese dating back to Roman times, known as the “Prince of Gruyeres”. Each wheel captures the rich diversity of the herbage found growing in the remote alpine valleys, which is reflected in the floral, sweet, condensed, nutty flavours and dense, smooth texture of each wheel. During maturation - at least 12 months - each wheel is brushed with a brine solution to help develop the natural rind, which in turn develops the complex flavours of the cheese. According to AOC rules, Beaufort can only be made in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments in the Rhône-Alps region of eastern France. Beaufort d’Alpage (meaning “of mountain pasture”) is only made in the summer in small mountain chalets.

Cow’s milk, Veneto, Italy
Ciock al vino Rosso is a semi-hard cows milk cheese inspired by the centuries-old custom of hiding cheese in fermenting grape must, to conceal them from raiders in time of war or from the masters accounting ledger. Ubriaco translates to “drunken”, a common group name for cheeses cured in wine and must. The 10 days in grape must impart a floral, wine-like flavour to this mild, semi-hard cheese made with cows’ milk from the foothills of the Italian Alps. Some of the grape skins are retained on the rind, creating a striking visual element to a cheeseboard.

NIGHTWALKER – Stone and Crow
Cow’s milk, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Nightwalker is a small washed rind cheese has a soft texture that becomes gooey with age. The milk comes from a single herd of Friesian & Jersey cows managed by Lee Shera Jones in the Yarra Ranges. To create its tell-tale pungency, the cheesemaker washes the cheese in brine every day for the first couple of weeks, until the cheese is ready to wrap for sale. The final flavour is typical of washed rind cheeses, with meaty notes and a creamy finish. Cheesemaker Jack Holman is the master of Stone & Crow making cheese at the micro-dairy called Crow’s Nest, located at Rob Dolans Wines in the Yarra Valley.

Cow’s milk, Pyengana Valley, NE Tasmania
The name “Pyengana” is thought of by many Australian cheese lovers as the quintessential Aussie clothbound cheddar. All of the milk comes from the farms’ herd of Holstein cows which graze on the lush paddocks, and which is reflected in the rich colour and complex flavour of the cheese. It has a fine textured, crumbly body, with a subtle flavour of herbs and pasture, and a hint of honey. Pyengana Dairy is the custodian of the traditional recipe used to craft cheddar style cheese in the Pyengana valley where it has been made for over 130 years.

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