Halloumi Recipe Ideas

Halloumi Recipe Ideas

Any business venture has to have a USP, a unique selling proposition. Well, halloumi certainly has that. Once you’ve experienced that squeak-squeak as you chew on a slice of halloumi, you’re unlikely to forget it. And that textural delight is part of the appeal.

It is a benchmark cheese used widely used throughout the eastern Mediterranean region, not to be confused with another stretched curd cheese, mozzarella (but you knew that, wise reader). Traditionally made with goats milk (and ewe’s milk in the cooler months) it was made to preserve seasonal fresh milk. Curds are kneaded, stretched and folded and, as such, genuine handmade halloumi is recognisable by its irregular shape.

It is also protected in the EU by geographical indication (PDO) which recognises specialty foods linked to specific geographical areas. See our handy-dandy glossary for this and other useful information.

As renowned Australian food writer Richard Cornish points out, if you want the real deal, look for the Aphrodite brand. Harper & Blohm just happen to stock this brilliant brand from Will Studd. And is it a coincidence that Aphrodite just happens to be the goddess of love? We think not.

The cheese's toothsome texture makes for a great inclusion if you’re looking to add to your Meat-free Mondays repertoire. Plus, its high melt point makes it ideal for a quick pan-fry, forming as it does a delicious golden crust.

If you’ve eaten our haloumi chips made with a local version - L'Artisan Organic Haloumiyou know how good fried cheese can be. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

Drinking suggestions - sparkling white wine, Pilsener or blonde beer, NON 6 Tomato Water & Basil.

Some of our favourite recipe ideas

Grilled Halloumi, Watermelon and Mint Recipe
Thickly slice pack of Aphrodite Halloumi and pan fry for 1-2 minutes on each side until it gathers a nicely dark-golden colour. Layer up these with slices of watermelon and a generous scattering of mint leaves. A good squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of Mount Zero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it's good to go.

Fattoush Halloumi Salad Recipe
Fattoush is great summer meal making the most of ripe tomatoes, capsicum & cucumber, refreshing mint leaves and piquancy of pomegranate molasses and lemon (halloumi’s best friend).
As above, pan-fry the halloumi slices then add to your prepped vegetables, mint, sumac and toasted pita bread (or pre-purchased pita crisps). Drizzle over some pomegranate molasses, olive oil & a squeeze of lemon then toss together gently with your hands. Dinner is served!

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 photo credit - willstudd.com

By Amanda Kennedy