Blue Cheese Recipe Ideas

Blue Cheese Recipe Ideas

The taste profile of blue cheese runs the gamut from mild and creamy through to crumbly and sharp as well as every possible combination in between. It is the choice of specific mould culture, the milk source as well as the maturing of the cheese which all impact the taste profile and character of the final product.

Soup - Crumble across a bowl of creamy cauliflower soup, a herby green soup or even granny’s leek and potato soup.

Omelette - Fold some mild blue cheese though sauteed mushrooms, add a few cracks of black pepper and fill your omelette

Salad - Dress and season your favourite salad leaves, quarter some ripe figs, scatter chopped toasted walnuts and crumble a generous amount of blue cheese – too easy!

Pizza - Layer your blue cheese onto the base along with thin slices of pear, cook then top the whole lot with some prosciutto & rocket

Steak sauce - a great blue cheese sauce for your steak requires little more than some lightly warmed cream with your favourite blue cheese blended through. Make more than you think you need because we know you’re going to pour it over your potatoes too

A twist on lasagne - think layers of lasagne sheets, wilted leafy greens such as radicchio, kale, chard, spinach etc and a creamy bechamel spiked with blue cheese

Old-school Cobb salad - cos lettuce, diced tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, crispy bacon, chopped cooked chicken, avocado all dressed with a lemon/olive oil dressing all topped off with crumbles of your favourite blue cheese. More a meal than a side salad, for sure.

Choose your favourite blue cheese and hop into the kitchen to try out some of these recipe ideas. 

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By Olivia Sutton & Amanda Kennedy