How Do I Keep My Cheese Fresh?

How Do I Keep My Cheese Fresh?

You’ve spent time carefully selecting your cheese, so naturally you want to keep it in the very best condition possible. Slapping leftovers in a piece of cling wrap doesn’t do it any justice. Plastic wrap suffocates cheese, trapping in moisture which can encourage the growth of surface mould, affecting the appearance and taste of your cheese.

If only there was a product that protected your specialty cheese, while allowing it to breathe, just like we use at Harper & Blohm. Enter stage left - Formaticum  Cheese Storage products. These professional-standard products ensure the proper storage of your cheese, keeping it tasting fresher longer. 

But I'm trying to steer clear of environmentally unfriendly stuff.
So are we. Thankfully, Formaticum products do not use any BPA/BPH (industrial chemicals found in certain plastics) in their formulations.

Storage bags

Cheese Storage Bags are antibacterial, recyclable plus they can be reused (as long as it’s for the same cheese) therefore reducing waste. With clean hands, hold your cheese by the as you place it inside the nag then tuck the end of the bag underneath. Oh, and don't forget to mark the name/date on the handy front panel or risk playing that old nugget of a game - what's that cheese?
Available in a pack of 15 each 16 x 28 cm.

Cheese paper

Formaticum Cheese Paper is a domestic size pack of the same type of storage paper we use to wrap your cheese at Harper & Blohm. The two-ply paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity which prevents the cheese drying out.Of course,the paper can also be used for more than cheese, for example charcuterie or that half avocado you want for tomorrow’s lunch.
Available in a pack of 10 sheets each 24 x 35cm.

Zero cheese paper

Formaticum Zero is biodegradable, recyclable and most importantly home-compostable. This plastic-free material has a special cellulose-based coating that makes it greaseproof but also porous to oxygen.
Available in a pack of 10 sheets each 24 x 35cm.

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By Olivia Sutton