The Tivoli Road Baker Book

Looking for a last minute gift - look no more. As a stockist of their fabulous bread, we are delighted to bring you 'The Tivoli Road Baker' - a beautiful new book written by owner Michael James with his partner Pippa James. As well, across 80-plus recipes, Michael shares the secrets of some of Tivoli Road’s best-loved creations.

Join British born baker Michael & partner Pippa as they welcome readers into the Tivoli Road Bakery community. As a chef who was captivated by the craft of baking, Michael’s first aim is to inspire readers to make nourishing real bread at home and to give them the confidence to adapt it to suit their own tastes. And from there, it’s a whole new world: olive loaf; fruit sourdough; spelt and honey loaf; wholegrain rye and buttermilk loaf; sprouted buckwheat loaf.

This beautifully presented book - signed by the author - will inspire you to create great food at home to share with the people you love.