July Cheese Subscription - special buffalo, goat and ewe’s milk cheese

Each month we choose a selection of cheeses with a common theme that is eating particularly well.  Our July Cheese Subscription Box focuses on  a selection of non-bovine cheeses – buffalo, goat and ewe’s milk – everything BUT cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk, Daylesford-Macedon Region, Victoria

Holy Goat La Luna is handmade using a process based on the traditional French goat milk cheeses of the Loire Valley. Its wrinkled rind gives way to a creamy centre which ranges from soft and smooth to fudgy and slightly chalky, depending on the season and the degree of ripeness. It has an amazing depth of flavour with a creamy lactic sweetness, balanced by a tangy finish.

Ewe’s milk, Corsica, France

Fleur du Maquis is an unusual ewes milk cheese from the French Mediterranean island of Corsica - you can taste the mountainous coastal grass that the sheep graze on in every mouthful. The pale ivory paste of Fleur du Maquis is coated with a mixture of local dried herbs and changes from fresh and creamy when young, to a moist but firm cheese as its ages and as the seasons change. As it matures the herb coated rind grows a grey, slightly mouldy crust.

APHRODITE GALOTYRI – selected by Will Studd
Goat’s & Ewe’s milk, Greece
Aphrodite Galotyri ‘milk cheese’ was once a seasonal treat, produced in summer by shepherds that roamed the hillside pastures of the Epirus and Thessaly regions of ancient Greece. Soft and spreadable, this pure white cheese has an unforgettable texture, a refreshing acidity and a delicious milky finish. Perfect as a simple snack or as a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, it also makes an interesting addition to rich roasted meat dishes. No surprise really, as this is how it was originally served by the shepherds who created it.

Buffalo Milk, Fish Creek, Victoria
Berrys Creek Riverine Blue has a rich, dense, buttery texture, with salty blue minerally veins and a complex savoury flavour. After maturation in a small room next to the dairy for a minimum of two months, the smooth paste becomes interspersed with blue veins and develops a slightly flakey texture, with complex savoury flavours and a distinctly sweet finish. It is a relatively mild blue which should appeal to blue connoisseurs and new-comers alike.

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