Greenvale Farm Christmas Ham Tasting

Join us this Saturday 10th October between 2pm – 4pm to meet Amanda from Greenvale Farm and try some of their award winning cured meats, including their Christmas Ham. Anthony & Amanda Kumnick lovingly raise genuine free range Heritage breed pigs such as Berkshire, Wessex Saddleback & Tamworth on their 1150 acre property overlooking the Grampians in the Western District of Victoria.  Their pigs are free from antibiotics & growth hormones, plus their ham is chemical nitrate free, gluten free and delicious! Olivia & Nikkita at Harper & Blohm have both had Greenvale Farm Christmas Ham for the past few years and this year they want you to also see for yourself what a difference selecting Australian free-range ham can make.

What does genuine free range mean?(Words from Greenvale Farm)

Definitions of free-range can vary greatly, and make a wild difference to the life of the animal in question. Greenvale Farm raises pigs in a genuine free-range environment, our pigs are born and raised in paddocks. We provide housing for them to access at will, although they sometimes choose to sleep under a tree.

Note that genuine free range is different from ‘bred free range’ or ‘outdoor reared’. These refer to pig rearing systems in which pigs are born in a free range environment but are subsequently raised indoors.

Greenvale Farm is dedicated to a future of sustainable agriculture in Australia, and they continue to develop new products that support their nose-to-tail philosophy. They even use pigskin to produce delicious pork crackle that we sell in 60g bags. They are moving towards a closed system in which the farm will generate all the feed that the pigs require for a biodynamic diet.

Greenvale Farm. Copyright Richard Cornish 2015-16

Greenvale Farm has created their own very special premium pork range, infused with the flavours and oils of acorns. Each year they allow a select group of their pigs to graze under oak trees on a neighbouring property. Acorn-fed pigs are known for producing the traditional Spanish ham such as the highly sort after Jamón ibéico. Harper & Blohm are one of two retailers in Melbourne stocking Greenvale Farms Acorn-Fed Prosciutto & Capocollo that have just both won RASV (The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria) Gold Medals.

Also keeping with the Christmas spirit this week The Prince Wine Store has a Not- Champagne & Aperol Spritz tasting on from 2-4pm.

Greenvale Farm Hams sell out quite quickly each year so be quick to place your order over the next few weeks for pick up from Harper & Blohm in December.


Photos by Richard Cornish