Welcome back Cornish Kern

Another of our favourite British Cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy is back in store and online this week.

Cornish Kern selected by Neal's Yard Dairy London was named the best cheese in the world in 2017.

Cornish Kern made at Lynher Dairies is a modern British hard cheese with caramel overtones balanced with savoury flavours. Kern is the Cornish word for round. And a wedge of this cheese with its amazing colour looks spectactular on any cheese platter or charcuterie plate.

It's matured for 18 months under a specially designed rind to reduce moisture loss. Using an Alpine starter culture gives this cheese with a delicious sweet nutty flavour more reminiscent of mountain cheeses whilst the creamy Cornish milk imparts a rich, fudgy texture. We are thrilled to have this very special cheese back in stock.

For a limited time available in-store or in the Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop Online Store for delivery or CLICK & COLLECT.

A bit about Neal's Yard Dairy

Neal’s Yard Dairy is considered to be London’s foremost cheese store –
Neal's Yard Dairy's work with over 40 artisan cheese makers from around the United Kingdom and Ireland. They visit farms regularly to taste their cheese and select only the best batches which they mature and pass on to other retailers such as us at Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop.