Australian Grand Dairy Awards

We're exited to report two of our favourite cheese makers picked up awards at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards last night.

King of the Blues cheesemaker Barry Charlton of Berrys Creek Blue Cheese  won 2 awards.

Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue is a creamy cows milk blue that we use in our 'Barry's Blue' toasted sandwich at the farmers market - try one this weekend at The Fitzroy Mills.

It's also available in our online store as part of the Australian Cheese Box & The Cheese Party Pack.

Riverine Blue - pictured - was the first buffalo milk blue to be made in Australia and has a clean, fresh flavour, well suited to our warm climate. Available in store and online.

Kym Masters has been making cheese at Section 28 in the picturesque Adelaide Hills for just 2 years following a stint learning the craft in the Franche Comte region of France.

Section 28 Monforte is a hard mountain style cheese, named after the village where Kym lived with his family whilst learning to make cheese. It has a rich grassy and buttery flavours, with a firm supple texture. Usually available in store, you will also find it on the menu at Bellota Winebar this weekend.

Monte Diavolo is a truly Australian cheese. This is a cows milk, semi hard cheese studded with crushed native pepper berries - which as the cheese matures, develops a peppery, smoky flavour through the cheese. A seasonal cheese, this will be available in the Autumn - watch this space!

Congratulations to all the winners - view the full list here.