Our top picks for Christmas ham

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?!

Choosing a delicious, ethically-produced ham is easy - just order directly from these top local producers:

Greenvale Farm

Greenvale Farm raises free-range, rare heritage breed pigs on their scenic red gum pasture in Western Victoria.

The Kumnick family practice sustainable agriculture, farming with the future in mind.

The Greenvale Farm pigs grow in their own time, without any growth hormones or antibiotics. The genuine free-range rearing of the pigs means more flavour, more moisture and more nutrients.

Order from Greenvale Farm now

Greenvale Farm Christmas ham

Bundarra Berkshires

All the products from the Bundarra Berkshires farmstead come from free range pigs with none of the bad stuff - no additivies, no hormones, no antibiotics, just real, natural pork.

The beautiful English heritage Berkshire pigs produce a pork that's rich, sweet and has a clean taste, soft fat and great marbling which keeps the meat juicy.

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Bundarra Berkshires Christmas ham

Skinner & Hackett

If you're after something more, Skinner & Hackett in Carlton North supply award-winning hams, as well as a selection of sustainable seafood, free-range turkey, heritage breed chickens, ethically-raised ducks and turduckens.

View the Skinner & Hackett Christmas list, or phone Skinner & Hackett on (03) 9347 6642.

Happy Christmas planning!

Banner image © Richard Cornish